*El Dorado - Medicin Music and Storytelling

This space will be a circle of music and stories. It is a traditional way of healing from my lineage, the Muyskwa indigenous in the land of the Fox and the nest of the Condor in the Andean mountains of Colombia. I will share stories of ancestral times, sing and play music, and through out the space we open, we will understand the source of who we are. We will remember we are meant to be people of gold: El Dorado. It is a music ceremony to recompose our native identity. Sounds and stories will be the medicine.

The people Mountain, people river, people water, people bird, people tree, they all remember who they are and that is why they become the mountain, the river, the water the fire and the tree. People people, as we say in our language -myskwa myskwa-, are all invited to recognise what it means to be such. Everyone who wants to recognise the gold that lives within ourselves. Everyone who has mud to release and have something to heal.

Felipe Pyky’ba Tyba, comes from the Muyskwa indigenous tradition in the Andean mountains of Colombia. He is guardian of the seed of the heart and works in the recomposition of inner-self-governance through ceremonies and workshops. He is the representative of the international council of the Muyskwa community of Fowe. Musician and filmmaker, Felipe is cultural director of CloudClan e.V. and Herman Schulz Cafe in Berlin, with whom they deliver projects that strengthen the ancient wisdoms and the care of Nature. 

You can come in comfortable clothes. Be ready to lay down as much as to stand up and dance.