*S%x Magic for Mother Earth

S&x Magic is a potent conscious creation ritual in which we activate and sublimate our life force energy to launch the rocket of our desires out to the Universe. This time we will come together with the common intention of creating a bright and safe future on Earth for all beings.

This event is based on the following principles:
- We are creating our reality - that is something more and more people are awakening to.
- S%xual energy is a potent expression of our divine Life Force.
- S%xual energy makes conscious creation, or manifestation, THAT MUCH MORE POWERFUL. It is pretty much like changing from a bicycle to a Ferrari 😉
- So far we have been using all of that creative power for our personal intentions - this time we are coming together with a common intention of creating a BRIGHT AND SAFE FUTURE ON EARTH FOR ALL BEINGS.

This is a Ritual where we work with energy and breath, there will be no nudity or actual sexual interaction. Everyone can decide to do it alone or with a partner, bring a partner or find one at the workshop.

For who it is:
Everyone is welcome, all genders, all levels of experience.
Ideally, all conscious beings wishing to create a better world.

What to bring:
Yoga mat, an object for the altar symbolizing your love for the Earth.

EVE is on a Tantric path since 2014 and has studied S%x, Love and Relationship Coaching with a focus on Female S%xuality and Jade Egg with an amazing visionary Layla Martin in 2018. This ritual is inspired by Layla's work and I adapted it to manifest many wonderful things in my life as well as shared it with men and women in coaching sessions and workshops. In 2019 I went through a deep layer of spiritual awakening from which the idea of this event was born - it is time to step into our creative power consciously as a collective, in service of Love and the highest good of all beings.