*Breath Circle! Self love!

Layers of physical and emotional tension prevent us from being fully present and being able to engage in a free form of expression. Shocks & stressful experiences create physical and emotional tension, which in turn create contraction and chronic pain, insecurity, lack of spontaneity & emotional distress.

This group work is specifically designed for people to dive deeper into self-discovery as a group but also individually, in a deep, yet joyful, playful, supported and safe manner.

Through conscious, free forms of movement, body awareness & somatic exercises, leading into a liberating breath-work session (Trance Breath and BioDynamic Breath methods), we will breathe our way back to our sense of self, pealing off and releasing the layers of armouring & defense mechanisms, no longer needed. 
By clearing blockages, we will allow greater free-flow of breath, movement and life force energy to take place, to then gently return in a safe, nurturing, meditative & embodied state. A sense of connection to the self and to others will lead us back into our natural state of love & bliss.

By releasing long held stories, traumas, energies, shocks, beliefs and imprints, we will make space for new positively charged sensations to inhabit our bodies, leading to a more present, conscious and embodied experience of yourself. We will rewire your sense of connection to your physical and to your higher self. Potentially leading you to orgasmic states of connection to yourself and to the universe, a sense of truth, freedom and greater power!

ELINA RATNA is a bodyworker, massage therapist, life coach for personal empowerment and BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release® practitioner. She facilitates BREATH CIRCLE classes and workshops, as well as private sessions. Her motivation is to support others on their journey of personal growth and empowerment, so they can connect with their potential and have a direct experience of their true self. She believes that through reconnecting to our felt sense in our body-temples, we humans can reach higher states of consciousness and experience our birthright to joy, pleasure and ecstasy. BREATH CIRCLE is the fruit of her own journey as a seeker and mystic at heart, and a result of a life long journey of studying and researching the mystery of the human existence, while practicing various forms of healing & therapy modalities, breath-work, meditation, movement, dance, shadow work and self-inquiry processes.