*Ecstatic Dance

Dance and movement done in the right setting can unleash great transformational and healing powers. Within a ceremonial frame a safe space is created in which the participants connect to themselves and their bodies in a more conscious way. By co-creating and celebrating dance, music and community in this temple of free movement we can enhance our individual potential to live a more full filling and joyful life.

Everybody is welcome

Thomas Koch aka Mathami has been a pioneer of the electronic music scene for over 30 years now. Since he discovered the art of Ecstatic Dance in the Sacred Valley of Peru a couple of years ago, he has been shifting his activities towards this alternative dance culture, channeling all his experience as a music selector and curator into this new field to find his very own way of facilitating these events.

Please bring enough to drink to stay hydrated during the dance
If you intend to start (and end) the ceremony in Shavasana position, bring a mat