*Emotional Journey

‘Emotional Journey’ is a guided meditation session focused on our seven chakras and their emotional background.

It is call to an inside journey through archetypal human emotions and feelings, thoughts and memories, actions and reactions.

It is a call to a moment with our eternal-self.

It is a call to a moment with our primeval-self.

It is a call to a moment with our present-self.

It is a warm invitation to a conscious breath and to a moment with our playful-self.

Happy to see you in the circle!


Dimitra Thomaidou was born in Serres, Greece.

She studied Theater and Philosophy at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, at Ioannina University and in Dilos Drama School Academy. Additionally she has participated in many workshops pertain to physical performing, contemporary dance and natural voice sound. Throughout her studies-and afterwards, she has worked as a performer, actress, theatre pedagogue and director in state theatres as well as in free scenes with various directors and ensembles.

Having completed her education, she was invited to attend research laboratories in Greece and France, where she scouted new slats of body energy and psychosomatic actions on stage and started to develop her own research and teaching approach in performing under the label of Art & Healing #healingisaperformance.

Her work approach places a heavy emphasis on the healing properties of art, giving in drama techniques the first role. Her healing training is based on existential psychotherapy and philosophy, on free association technique and the power of unconscious mind, as in different types of meditation, reiki and spiritual healing treatments.

She likes to explore human nature, to question and challenge herself and to share new ideas.

Since 2013, she is based in Berlin and she is co-founder of 7efta, an artistic club association and meeting point of multidisciplinary artists.





photo credits: Fotini Chora