*TransForMusic Klangreise

We will orchestrate sounds among crucial components of creation and pass by elements like water, earth, fire and wind with various instruments and voice effects.
A sacred space will be held, where You can relax and bath in sound with the Magical Monochords, Shamanic Drumming, Singing Bowls, deep singing songs and movement.
You may observe the sound transforming through every cell of your body-mind-system.
The sound textures may let you feel different emotions, that you have the chance to look at and become aware of their existence or even transform old patterns.
Connect your sensorial fields by the touch of sounds!

People who are interested to explore sound landscapes and to do meditation, letting go, dive deep into the self are invited. Feel the medicine of the sound and voice.
People who want to:
• Release deep rooted stress.
• Strengthen the glandular and nervous system.
• Strengthens the immunity
• Bring body, mind and emotions into balance
• Feel healthier, happier and whole.
• Come back into harmony.
• Release old blocks to help you move forward in your life.

Wir sind ChrisTala & AyaM - Eine Fusion aus Tanz-Feuer und Klang-Heilung.
Ayam ist eine Performancekünstlerin, Musikerin und Lehrerin. Sie erforscht die Verbindung zwischen Heilung und Performance durch den Ausdruck von Tanz, Stimme und Klang.
ChrisTala ist Anbieter von Klang-Heil-Reisen, Monochord und Massage Behandlungen. Ein vielseitig begabter Musiker und Produzent von Klang-Instrumenten.
Bitte bringt Yogamatten und Decken mit, um auf dem Boden gemütlich zu liegen, sowie Wasser.