*Sacred Sister Circle - Thrive in Community

Are you craving a trusted space where you feel truly heard & seen? A tribe that gets you and supports you along your wins and struggles? Welcome home sister. This is a safe place for women who seek the power of community.
Because it’s no joke to unplug from the patriarchal operating system that’s been hard-wired into our neurons so we can step into the natural design of our divine feminine gentle yet powerful source.

We will rise in connection, support and celebration of one another. This circle is a gathering of women, to engage in meaningful conversation about our hearts, lives, and vision for our mother earth.

No one woman has this all figured out! So this circle is for every woman who is ready to drop her masks, ditch the competition between women and show up as she truly is, all emotions are welcome, naked and raw, ready to  thrive in sisterhood.
Get inspired, get empowered, get deeply connected from heart to heart.

This circle is exclusive for women. (@men: we love you still and are very grateful for you)

About Chi Lisa
You will be led by Chi Lisa Schulz who lives in the yin & yang reality: Bali & Berlin.
Chi is an empowerment life coach guiding women to reconnect with their wild woman archetype & tapping into their divine feminine. She is a retreat host, facilitating Bali retreats for awakened single-mothers and their beautiful children.
Living with the indigenous Balinese and their spiritual communities, she truly believes in the empowering & nurturing concept of a supporting community and that every soul is deserving of feeling supported & loved. It takes a village to be an empowered woman, to raise a child, to be a visionary of our New Earth.

Come as you are.