*Exploring Tenderness

How to attract the sensual experiences you're longing for in your life? How do you want to be touched? Do you know how to ask for what you want?

This workshop is about staying present in our heart center and connecting with our intuition and our sensuality. We will be learning to stay connected with our senses, with what is happening inside and outside, with ourselves and our surroundings in the same time. What makes sense for our mind is not necessarily what awaken our senses. I will share exercises about consent in which we can observe how we can hold space for ourselves and for others, so we don't cross our own borders nor the ones of our partners. We will feel into the common energy, train to express what we want and what we don't want and observe what role we use or like to play - the one of the giver and of the taker - and how much we can allow ourselves to be with our own pleasure as well in giving as in receiving. 

There will be no nudity, but a consensual nest of tenderness...

Come if you would like to improve your communication skills, experience techniques to stay in your heart center, train intuitive touch and get closer to the call of your inner voice.

I'm a Life Explorer, a Lover, a Yogini, a Tantrika and a Performance Artist. My journey started 10 years ago with Ashtanga Yoga and passion for being creative with writing. Strong women in my family introduced me early to meditation and ancient wisdom of moon and blood cycles. Art, music, shamanic inner journeys, meditation and yogic and tantric teachings are offering me an understanding of a non-dualistic world and are connecting me more and more to my inner voice, my inner wisdom and my own creative life force, which is the core of who I am. My passion for the mysteries of the body and the mind made me a Kundalini Yoga teacher as taught by Yogi Bhajan. I teach too dynamic meditations and I hold women circles to unite and nourish the sisterhood. My aim is to create spaces in which we can listen to ourselves, inside and outside, to our intuition and to our borders, so we can feel our ground under our feet, our Earth and be guided by our own heart language.