*Jealousy’s message - Sisterhood’s strength hidden behind a taboo

We’re all Goddesses! The divine feminine is our calling, sisterhood is the answer, community, support, friendship among women, exchanging our wisdom, pussy power, the holy vagina... It’s all TRUE. EVERYTHING about it!

BUT, there is a certain someone we tend to forget. We hardly dare to look at one specific lady in our circle.
Lady Jealousy.
She seems to us a trouble-maker. Nobody wants her, as she is greedy and narrow minded. She sees everything  through the eyes of fear, fight, hate, revenge. Her world lacks everything. It seems. She’s obviously dangerous to be around.

Let us open our eyes, our hearts and every cell of our bodies for this misunderstood sister. Her precious taboo holds the key for an upgrade of our own self-worth. Her deep wish and drive is our transformation and relief.

As EVERY emotion finds its true power through motion and movement, our bodies can show us a way to flow with jealousy and use her wisely and positively.
Let’s go on a one-on-one encounter with our abandoned inner bitches to create deeper trust and bring more strength into our journey through life with other women.
A dive and exploration into a very unspiritual taboo zone - that’s absolutely worth the risk!