*The rich aligned Woman

Shift Body Hate and Poverty Consciousness to Peace with Food and Soul Aligned Money Flow

In this workshop you will receive a few simple tools to start building a radiant metabolism of honest self-love. We´ll go beyond weight and body image and right to the heart of self-worth, soul-alignment and manifesting so you can start to break free from the cycle of body loathing, financial lack and hustling yourself to the ground.

You deserve to feel and look wonderful. And you deserve to be as abundant as you wish.

Divine woman, if you are counting every penny and every pound, it is not your fault.

But it’s time to unleash your inherent wisdom and worth, as you take that number on the scale DOWN and the balance in your bank account to the TOP.

Without dieting. Without restrictions. Without controlling yourself.

Your body knows the way. Your soul expresses itself through your body. It`s time to break free from playing small. YOUR BODY delivers your unique and soulful strategy. Moment to moment. Following pleasure, allowing desire, allowing you.

So… why are we afraid to claim our worth and take a damn stand for ourselves?

As women, we haven’t been taught to love, honor, and cherish ourselves. We’ve been taught to diminish our light. Soon enough, we began to question who we are, what we desire, and what we’re eating.

The epic confusion about what to eat and what not to eat, when to eat and when not ends when we step into our greatness, and when we learn to trust ourselves again, we can step into our magic light and come back to our sacred power.

Once we master the art of falling madly and deeply in love with ourselves and follow our desires, we discover tons of energy and a deeper truth that is hidden underneath the struggles with money, our bodies and with food.

So looking forward to taking the first steps with you.