*Kundalini Tantra - From Sex to Spirit - Explore the Kundalini Energy

In this workshop we will give you a possibility to tune with your KUNDALINI ENERGY.
The Kundalini energy is referred to be the infinte source of your your creativity or/and your (sexual) power.
The Kundalini Energy also contains your authentic essence, which in Kundalini Yoga is called SAT NAM.
In order to live your life as authentic as possible it is important to get a strong sense for your center first and keep it alive and balanced second.
How can you integrate your Kundalini energy into your daily life?
How can you keep the connection with your center alive while you are connecting with someone else?

We will look deeper into the Kundalini Energy from a Kundalini AND Tantra perspective.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to strenghten your center and discover yourself as a unique being.

"We all have one thing in common: we all have different minds, we all have different bodies, but we have one soul, we are part of one soul. If we can see the soul in each other and relate to it, find it, understand it, respect it, then that oneness will be forever." Yogi Bhajan

· Kundalini Yoga Set
· Explanation of Kundalini Energy | yogic vs. tantric
· Practices to maintain a sense for being centered
· tantric exercises with a partner (and possible non-sexual touch)

We warmly invite you,
· when you have zero to little experience in Tantra,
· when you are curious to explore the Kundalini Energy with different techniques
· when you want to learn more about yourself (f.e. when do you lose the contact with yourself in relation to others?)

Instructor: SUPRIYA and CAROLINE

Supriya dedicated her life to love, to be a lover and a divine human being. As a circus artist, dancer, tantra-& movement- teacher, her life journey is deeply connected with the body.

Caroline is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Physical Therapist, Body Worker and founder of O·YOGA. Her life journey is about diving into the deepest truth, she is teaching in the Kundalini Teacher Training in Berlin and San Francisco.

Its always good to have a yogamat with you!