*Radical flow

How can we get into flow state consciously?
How can we reach the unconscious consciously?
How can we keep the flow and what’s happening there exactly?
How to find the sweet spot between challenge and skills?
How can I relax without collapsing and what’s the definition of flow per science?

Beeing in flow is much more than improvisation or skills!
To be in flow is something we all know - the feeling when time disappears and we only focus on what we do we are 100 % present.

In a “flow state” our brain delivers a unique hormone cocktail that influences our whole nervous system.
Flow makes happy, gives us power, drive, strength, and optimized performance.
Flow is happening in daily live without recognition while: doing work out, cooking, writing an email, dancing or just having a good conversation.

Ben Pavlidis is a songwriter, producer, and also known as the frontman of the Berlin band Ohrbooten. The half Greek half German grew up in west berlin and in the last 20 years Ben has entered free flow states mainly in freestyle rap and most recently since 2017 also in movement and dancing, He collected a toolbox packed with exercises that can trigger “flow states”, in movement.

please bring: Long sleeve, long sport pants, socks, if you have knee pads ( not necessary)