*Authentic Singing Circle

"Our voice is a clear and immediate reflection of who we really are in this very moment. Listening to our voice while singing allows us to recognize our state of being on several different levels. Letting the music breathe through us is a powerful act of healing”
Everyone is welcome! Even those with no experience in singing!
The workshop will start with warming up and calming down, preparing our self for the journey.
We will be focusing on the natural breath and voice, learning how to open and use it as a musical instrument.
The second part of the class will be dedicated to improvisation and the experience of using vocal to catch the music flow of the moment.
Strengthening the experience of our true nature, bringing more awareness to our unique voice and music, deepening the intimacy with ourself and getting in touch with our creative nature, are the intentions and offerings of the Natural Vocal Improvisation workshop.

Any one can join the workshop. Also those with no experience in singing!

Self styled modern Troubadour Avi Adir, originally from Israel, a unique expressive authentic vocalist and multi instrumentalist. Travels the world, without identifying himself to a nation or country. 
His music arises from the core of the heart, with emotional deep expression of ancient Sufi’s spirit and divine connection.
Avi Adir performs in concert halls, festivals, yoga and art spiritual events, sharing fusion mix of composition and improvisation in the same time. Freedom flow that touches and inspired the ordinance in their own creativity and their love to sing and dance. 
Each performance is a new stream unfolding in the presence moment, according to the situation and the energy in the space.
Among the instrument he plays, are the Bouzouki, Silver Flute, Bansuri, Duduk, Shakuhachi, Ney, and Harmonica.

No need to bring anything. Some of the time we will stand and some of the time we will stand. So only some pillows and maybe yoga mat to sit on the floor needed.