*The peaceful warriors

In the Incan culture the Puma is the best tracker. He can see in the darkness and find his way to his prize. He is a peacefull worrior because he never kills unpredictable, just when he needs it. He knows about the balance of nature. He walks graceful through the jungle fearless and he has no enemies.
When we want to work with clients or even when we want to know more about ourselves, we need to become a Tracker, a peacefull warrior. We need to walk through darkness fearless and see beyond the deepest darkness with courage. We need to become a vessel for ourselves, for others and mankind.
Puma Medicine is connected with our mental body and the element fire. We cleanse our thoughts and rise up into a higher sphere of understanding. The Puma connects the visible and the unvisible worlds. He walks on the rainbow bridge; the bridge between both worlds. He comes to crush down all the heavy energies and brings it to Mother Earth for Transformation.
In this workshop you will get to know the Puma Medicine.
I will guide you through Hampikamayok Breathwork and a shamanic dance journey where your third eye, your higher mind and the rainbow bridge will be activated. 
I will teach you how to activate the Puma within you and send him out to chew the heavy energy within your own energy field.
Annette Assmy learned from The Four Winds Society, by Dr. Alberto Villoldo ( and she is certified in Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine. Since November 2014 she is learning directly from the peruvian shamans, so called Paqos at the Serena Anchanchu School in Holland ( She is initiated by them as a Pampa Mesayok; Keeper of the earth. Since 2013 she is giving Energy Healing Sessions and making group seminars (The Rite of the Womb and Munay-Ki etc.).
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