*Active Dreaming

Sometimes we don´t really know where to go in life, which direction to take, which decision to make. Maybe sometimes we feel lost in all this excessive demands on us. The daily routine with all the stress and hectic, we sometimes lose the deeper sense of life. The flow of magic, playfulness and creativity - which implies the art to access a deeper reality and brings the gift to manifestation - can become a stranger to us. And sometimes we even forget who we really are; the connection to our higher and true self. This is the time where we can ask our soul AND the Universe for guidance. Our soul and the universe are talking to us through DREAMS, signs, synchronicity and symbols. In this workshop we will turn towards the Art of Dreaming; not only the dreams we have during the night. Dreams are portals to inner healing, mystic wisdom and creative potential.

***Annette Assmy is a filmmaker, a creative soul, a Mistress of Ceremonies and she is walking the path of an earth keeper. For her it is a heart wish to bring the soul nourishing Inca wisdom to the western world. She learned from The Four Winds Society, by Dr. Alberto Villoldo ( and she is certified in Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine. Since November 2014 she is learning directly from the peruvian shamans, so called Paqos at the Serena Anchanchu School in Holland ( She is initiated by them as a Pampa Mesayok; Keeper of the earth.
She is also initiated by Don Oscar Miro-Quesada in the Pachacuti Mesa Tradition.
Since 2012 she is giving Energy Healing Sessions and making group seminars (The Rite of the Womb and Munay-Ki etc.).
And She is a Dream Teacher (Level 2) after the Teaching of Robert Moss.

If possible, bring a flower!