*Lucid Sound Journey

You are welcome to the journey through the multiverse of sounds. Schlaraffenland, Paradies, Atlantis, LucidGalaxy and your personal Wonderland awaits you to create the magic within you.
We start our journey in the circle, after Anna is going to play piano, with the intension of nurturing the brain and guide you through your dreams. We create sound, that recovers cells on the level of its vibration and make them happy while you sleep. For those who is familiar with lucid dreaming this experience is facilitative.

If you ever wanted to enter the lucid state this experience can support you to make the first steps. For those who is familiar with it, you are welcome to enter the space we create together and go deeper.
Also for those who just want to relax, and let yourself flow with the music into the meditation or dreams.

Anna was born in the Steppe of Kazakhstan and raised in Russia. 13 years ago she moved to Germany, that became a home and from where she started to travel the world.
Since a very little age Anna has got in touch with conscious dreaming and music, which still accompany her. Now she uses sounds of piano, guitar, shamanic drum, nature sounds and her voice in her daily live, composing music and sharing in circles.
On this life journey she discovered many door of different spiritual paths, that as she believes are connected to one source where we all have our roots as a human family.
“One of my favorite doors to the creation force is music, as everything inside and outside of us is sound, frequencies. Here we have all aspects of life existence as we’re used to experience it. With this understanding we are able to use sounds for the purpose we need - relaxation, recovering to the very deep cell level, ‘ride’ the it as a horse and go on a spiritual journey, create.. and more. This experience is also very physical to me, as we can percept music or frequencies through the mater. Going further with the consciousness I continue study this force through my personal experience, shamanic journeys, working with the drum (following tradition of my ancestors) being and working with different people, building instruments, observing life.”

If you like you can come with a prayer or intention what you would like to set as a compass for your journey.