*Sacred Soul & Body Work - Yoga, Dance, Energy Healing, Meditation

Soulflow Yoga, opens your heart and connects you to the light of your soul. It is an energetically clearing and heals through deep chakra work and conscious breathing.
The classes are very intuitive and always a journey into the light. Energetic asanas, flow sequences, meditation, mantras and healing mudras create a powerful space that will bring you healing, transformation and inner peace.

About me:
​I am here to support and guide you in this process as an energetic and spiritual healer, mindfulness-coach, holistic yoga teacher and artist.

My healing work is a personal healing art that evolved over many years.
It is a combination of healing meditations, healing hands, rituals, prayers, chanting, dance, and yoga.
I work with white shamanic energies, Christus energies, the divine mother, archangels, crystal energy and above all with your own soul power.

Through energetic soul guidance I will help you to connect with your source, your intuition, creativity, and higher consciousness.

My holistic healing sessions focus on light healing, body healing, transformation, and light initiations (light codes).
Every session will open your heart, activate your soul power, and clear your mind. Old energies will be transformed and negative patterns released.