*Isis Activation Ceremony

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Isis,
This Isis Activation Ceremony into the Golden Temple opens with Transformative Breath Work, Sacred Dance and Journeying.
Through this journey your inner healing energy will awaken and ascend you to a higher vibration of being. The Golden Snake will guide you into the mystery of your soul. This divine healing circle gives you the ability to meet your inner priestess/priest.

The light of Isis' golden wings will guide us into infinity and will give us the cosmic milk of universal Love. We'll receive the new golden light codes for the new Earth.

This Isis Activation is for those who feel connected to the energies of Ancient Egypt and Greece and those who are wishing to manifest new creations in their lives through spiritual awakening.

If you feel called to experience with us the New Earth Dream of the Golden Age!

Anjuna Sa Ran is a Mary Magdalena Priestess & Energy Healer for the New Earth Dream.

I function as a medium between the worlds, a channel for cosmic healing energy and the elemental soul of mother earth.<

Solomon-Michael Gonzales is a multidimensional healer, facilitator, divine channel and messenger. Working with the energies of Christ, Ra, the Angels and Seraphims of Heavenly domains I hold sacred ceremonies and circles.

Please bring anything to lie down for the Soul Healing Journey. If possible, come in white/light clothing.