*Crystal Light Healing & Meditation

I invite you on a wonderful journey into spiritual healing work with powerful light beings.

Experience the spiritual world of light in and around you.

Experience yourself as a light being!

We open ourselves to the crystal light which gifts us with energy and clarity. By opening our heart, crown and soul star chakra we connect to the higher light planes and our highest self.

Through this connection, we begin to remember where we came from and why we are here. With this understanding, we can experience deep transformation and healing of ancient patterns. This reconnection to the spiritual light within us is essential to live a life grounded in joy and harmony. When we know our soul plan, we begin to blossom on earth. Our soul is a traveler and has come to make Mother Earth full of joy to experience herself in abundance.

We are spiritual beings, living a human experience on earth!

We all have access to higher dimensions, consciousness and divine love. By dedicating ourselves to this higher light, we can discover our true healing power.

  • Through an initiation into the divine space you get deeper access to the divine source.

  • Through a spiritual ritual, we call upon powerful light beings to help us heal, clarify, and awaken.

  • Through guided meditation, mind work, and breathing techniques, we open our channels to receive new energy and divine love.

This workshop will teach you techniques to activate and use your mental and energetic healing powers! The subtle work with these techniques gives you a whole new quality of spiritual self-awareness and power that opens the door of wonder in your life, bringing love, light and fulfillment.

About me:
I am here to support and guide you in this process as an energetic and spiritual healer, mindfulness-coach, holistic yoga teacher and artist.

My healing work is a personal healing art that evolved over many years.
It is a combination of healing meditations, healing hands, rituals, prayers, chanting, dance, and yoga.
I work with white shamanic energies, Christus energies, the divine mother, archangels, crystal energy and above all with your own soul power.

Through energetic soul guidance I will help you to connect with your source, your intuition, creativity, and higher consciousness.

My holistic healing sessions focus on light healing, body healing, transformation, and light initiations (light codes).

Every session will open your heart, activate your soul power, and clear your mind. Old energies will be transformed and negative patterns released.