*Coming Home - A Journey to the Essence of your Heart

Dive with us into your own inner being to finally arrive home within your heart.

This Cacao Ceremony is an invitation to (re)connect to your Heart Space.
A Sacred Cacao Ceremony gives us time for ourselves in a hectic and busy world. It gives us space to switch off the outside chaos and travel into the silence, so that we become clearer about ourselves and our life paths. A Sacred Cacao Ceremony is food for your soul.

"If you find me not within you, you will never find me. For I have been with you from the beginning of me." RUMI

Anja Mury is an earth keeper & earth priestess, a world traveller, sacred space provider, and devoted to her path of unravelling the truth. She loves to create sacred space for everyone to feel nurtured and secure while being on a transformational journey.
Anja is a shamanic apprentice of Brazilian master shaman Alba Maria and follows the Mother Goddess lineage. She is a certified Alchemical Dance Priestess and a 5 Elements Dance teacher and an initiate of Ceremonial Cacao.
Anja is a Light Grid therapist and uses an intuitive fusion of Reiki and Innate Feminine Wisdom Healing during her private energy healing sessions.

Simon Debonnaire is a body worker, musician, short novelist and visionary poet. He works with drumming, sound, music and meditation and always work with the idea of creating a safe and sacred space for the ones who are willing to dive deep within themselves. He is a student of Brazilian Shamans Alba Maria (XamAM) & Dhan Ribeiro from Terra Mirim Community and following the Mother Goddess lineage.
He holds Shamanic Circles, Authentic Voice & Singing Workshops, Sound Journeys & Meditations. And Co-creates Shamanic Gatherings, Sacred Cacao & Conscious Wellness Festivals.

Please bring Yoga Mats, Blankets, Water, Blindfold.