*Yogagenics - Balancing Energy Flow

This Heart Opening Yoga Workshop combines a flow style yoga sequence with meditative elements that make the way AcuEnergetics® understands the whole energy body and its connection to the mind more tangible.
During the practice we focus on asanas to help remove tension from the neck, upper back, and chest while opening the heart centre. As the energy in the upper part of the torso is realigned and balanced, our breath can flow more freely to enable truthful, creative, and empathetic expression. Opening the throat and heart centre helps us embrace states of imperfection and be more gentle, kind, and patient with ourselves and others.

Everyone who is interested in exploring the subject of heart opening and looking to engage with the yoga practice respecting their own personal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual boundaries. 
Unfortunately not suitable for pregnant women.

Anja has been studying and teaching yoga in various places including London, Berlin, Amsterdam, India, Israel, Crete and Sardinia since 2002. Her initial focus on an Ayurvedic approach to yoga and its inherent therapeutic potential was expanded during her comprehensive studies of the modern healing modality AcuEnergetics® from 2009-2016. Exploring the psychology of the body in her work as a yoga teacher, Ayurveda massage therapist and AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balancer, Anja's practice has also been informed by Yin Yoga, a wide range of meditation techniques as well as contact improvisation dance. Her mission is to encourage people to develop more awareness for what their needs are, and take responsibility for how they approach life so they can let go of old restrictive patterns of thought and (re)action while opening up to their inner light and full potential.

Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket (if you have and would like to use one) as there is only a limited number of props available at the studio.