*From the inner Core to the Heart

This yin-yang yoga practice helps us remove tension from our energetic core and open up the connection from there to our hearts. As autumn is the season of the metal element in Traditional Chinese medicine relating to our colon and lungs, it instructs us about our own cycles of letting go of what is no longer beneficial to our growth. During the workshop we will individually explore what is now essential for us so we get to increase and maintain our sense of self-worth.

Everyone:), suitable for all, no previous experience required

My passion for both ancient and modern practices of balancing the overall energy of body, mind, and spirit for health and well-being was first sparked in 2002 when I started studying and teaching yoga in various places- including London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Crete, Sardinia, and India.
Exploring the psychology of the body in my work as a yoga teacher, Ayurveda massage therapist and AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balancer, my practice has also been informed by Yin Yoga, a wide range of meditation techniques as well as contact improvisation dance.

My mission is to encourage you to develop more awareness for what your real needs are, so you can let go of old restrictive patterns of thought and (re)action while opening up to your inner light and full potential.


If you like bring your own mat and a light blanket, there might be some on site but cannot be guaranteed.