As a human being, born in a female body, whether or not we want it: we have this huge potential to conceive and give birth to other human beings. This simple fact can cause all kinds of different feelings and thoughts around it, especially when you as a woman don’t have children (yet).

Whether or not we are clear about, if we want to or still (physically) can become a human mother, the present situation remains – and what are we in that? I once heard a term that touched me deeply in my core. And this is what this workshop is going to be about: The Earthmother.

She is a woman without (human) children, that carries a great value and creative potential inside her, that is yet to be discovered and unleashed more. This workshop is an invitation to share and exchange openly around this not (yet) humanly manifested motherhood. We will verbally share, move, sing, womb-meditate and write. It is a space for women who don’t have children. It doesn’t matter how you feel about this. It is about time, we give it some time!


About Anir Leben

I am a Berlin based teacher and perfomer in improvisation, Contact Improvisation (CI) and music. I received my graduation in dance, improvisation and performance at TIP, bewegungsart Freiburg 2013 and enrichened my knowledge in music and dance as a guest-student for Rhythmik at the UDK Berlin.

I have given workshops, classes and one-on-ones around the globe and in Dance Festivals for the past 6 years. Here in Berlin I host the scoreJAM twice a month, teach regular classes and workshops in different venues and settings and in the professional dance-education at danceworks berlin.

In my classes, I highlight the improvising mind and the intelligently exploring body that is naturally released and ready if we let it. I encourage curiosity, self-responsibility and the investigative approach of each individual.