*DanSing Medicine

We will be moved. Be gently sung upon.
Journey deep inside through the ears of our cellular intelligence. Sing. Dance.
We will be danSing. Celebrating, bemoaning or simply bathing in sound together. Whatever shows up for you, me, us, in that precious moment  we meet.
Music has always been and remains to be the utmost profound medicine for my heart. In my experience there is certain cellular particals inside, that can only be reached through fully engaging in listening and absorbing the sounds and other parts that can only be moved and touched when I’m an active part of the music.
I will invite you to experience both. You will have chances to enjoy your listening and chances to sing and vocalize harmonies with the songs.
We will embody the music through dancing and dance our voices until we feel completely in tune with all there is. Let me share my love with you.

Anir Leben
is a Berlin based contemporary artist and teacher in music and dance.
She creates spaces for people to listen in, feel in and tune into own journeys towards meeting their inner spirit, shaman, healer.
Music being her life-long closest ally, the songs she plays in concerts are reflecting a path of a longterm love-affair between her and the lyrics she wrote and the songs she also picked up from others along the way.
Besides performing, creating those spaces and teaching the Contemporary Dance Contact improvisation as well as hosting Singing Circles, she is passionate about her heArt-projects Self-Marriage and Earthmothers. The platform for those projects will be launched 2018.
For her dance and music projects, check: