(c) by Gina Vadana

After fully landing with and in our bodies through some gravity sensing and moving we will explore our breath and voice in motion.
We will be softening our tone and turn up the volume of our listening to ourselves and the others. Moving through space as well as connecting in a circle, with eyes open and closed we will unlock the Gates to the most sensitive and magical connective tissue that is in intimate relating: Sound.
Dancing, embodied Sounding and Relating will guide us into new territories of spacial awareness and joy. You can learn to use your body to access your voice and vice versa as well as exploring ancient fields of Vibrations in and outside your physical form.

Anir Leben
"Is an alchemist of voice and movement, touching heart and soul of those who let her magic in" one of her students stated.
She graduated in dance, impro & performance and has been exploring and studying the voice for over 20 years. Her work involves teaching Contact Improvisation, hosting her formats ScoreJAM, AbunDance, Earthmothers and several others. In her sessions she mainly highlights the exploring mind, self-responsibility, freedom and aliveness.

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