(c) by Maximiliane Wittek

AbunDance is a cyclical approach to grounded ecstasy & expanded awareness through Dance: honoring all of the textures, colors and expressions of our bodies and beings.

This evening is co-created by female artists Anir Leben & DJ Alma ∞ Omega, both passionate for dancing & welcoming the ENTIRE Spectrum of LIFE...This journey will include various cycles of movement:  warming up our bodies, diving deeply into Dance, and opening our voices and bodies into nourishment and stillness...

We invite you to co-create this space with us: where we can experience this abundance, dance and celebrate it. No matter how it shows up today: Quiet, loud, wild, soft, yearning, sad, happy, angry, fierce, slow, fast. We relax ourselves moving into this abundant sea of infinite possibilities, and surrender to what is. Our highest thoughts and wishes can manifest in this space of allowance.

// ANIR LEBEN loves movement in the voice and in the body and hosts different spaces as a singer, dancer and mistress of ceremony.  In her work she mainly highlights the exploring mind, self-responsibility, freedom and aliveness.
More Infos:

// ALMA ∞ OMEGA weaves golden strands of consciousness-meets-playfulness, creating alchemical spaces of transformation, celebration, healing and releasing...She is an avid believer in the power of DANCE and MUSIC to elevate & connect the spirit of humanity: allowing us to get back to the basics, our roots, our hips, our hearts, our oneness...

Bring your gorgeous, wild, receptive selves.