*Advanced Dynamic Yoga Fusion

In this workshop, we will be gently navigating through many of the advanced yoga postures, with proper warm-up, strengthening, body-opening phases, preparations, plenty of posture variations suitable for different levels of practice and body ability, followed by relaxation periods, with some arm balances, deep back bends, and inversions on the menu.

The class is inspired by Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga methods, with the focus on the breath and mind-body awareness. There is no music played in the class - I invite you to listen to the inner music of your conscious present moment experience. Additionally, there will be some breathing exercises (pranayama) and basic yoga philosophy included.

Although the title has "advanced" in it, this workshop is suitable for yoga practitioners who have been practicing yoga for some time and are familiar with the basics such as sun salutations, the classical standing postures, back and forward bends, basic arm balances, and are getting comfortable in their headstand. Many variations (according to the level) on advanced asanas will be given, with proper preparation phase before and relaxation phase afterwards.

I was born in Ukraine, grew up in Canada, lived in Spain, traveled the world, and now I reside with my family in Berlin.

I started practicing yoga when I was 15 after being diagnosed with a scoliosis. Through a disciplined practice, I healed my back and learned first-hand the healing power of yoga. Later again, I used yoga to heal my body after an accident where I had a broken and a paralyzed arm. The first theme to my yoga journey was solidified: yoga for self-healing.

With yoga, I learned how to heal the body, be it a physical deformity, an injury, or a trauma. Yet over years of practice, I realized that yoga was much more than just a way to heal or to stay healthy. Over years of experience, I tasted the transformational power of yoga. The second major theme to my journey appeared: yoga for self-transformation.

Through a daily practice, I go through a continuous process of self-awareness: the ability to witness my thoughts and reactions from a more neutral point of view, no matter how dramatic the situation. This ability is what makes free choice possible, what helped me to change the patterns that made me unhappy, and let go of these things that didn’t serve me. Seeing the resulting positive change in my life gave rise to the next theme: yoga for empowerment.

Aside from self-awareness, yoga gives us strength, energy and confidence to tap into our inner powers and talents, enabling us to use them for personal growth and creative self-expression, where giving back to our community becomes a natural outcome and a true joy. Now, I’m on the path of yoga as giving-back: let me share with you what I learned and let you taste the power of yoga for self-healing, transformation, empowering, and self-realization.

Aside from teaching yoga & mindfulness, coaching individuals and brands, I'm the founder of the Berlin Yoga Conference

Please bring your yoga mat and don't forget the positive attitude!