*Diving Deep into the Heart of Cacao & Community

Warmly inviting your darkness, your light, your magnificence, your humor & your humanity, as we ritualize our dance with soul-enlivening-music, sweet-Mama-Cacao, and the power of intention & togetherness...Allowing ourselves to dive deep into the healing powers of music, emobodied dance, with music & meditation lead by DJ Alma ∞ Omega.

Cacao (Theobroma cacao — "Food of the Gods") is an extremely gentle, loving, high-vibrational plant that has been used in ritual context for thousands of years as sacred plant medicine. The deva of Cacao (the consciousness and spirit behind the form) assists us in deepening our connection with ourselves, working particularly on our heart-center: our ability to give and receive love freely and generously...and reveals the places inside us that are withholding from this transforming quality of (self)love.

Cacao creates compassion, for ourselves and is a gentle medicine, and reminds us of the power of softness, over force. Cacao stimulates our emotional body: helping to feel and process emotions with more fluidity...Cacao also stimulates our intuition and creative flow, stimulating our right brain to come alive and play...Cacao is considered THE "Food for the Shift": one of the most important medicines to aid in the evolution of humanity during these highly transformative times here on planet Earth.

Our ritual-dance together will be in celebration of the power of our hearts & intentions, while celebrating the gift of our bodies though dance, movement and the mighty medicine of music:

Movement is our birthright and teacher, and dance is our precious tool to uniquely express the ART of being alive, a chance for one's soul to express itself: what it's like to go through this human experience, in these bodies, to release & not simply dance, but to BE DANCED: by life, by feelings, by Spirit...

With all of these intentions, a space will be held by both structure (through ritual, guided meditation & exercises), and free space to surrender to the flow of the moment. A space where we can embrace ourselves in our entirety – our joys, our vulnerabilities, the full spectrum of our emotions – and shift into honoring our truth in every moment.

Very blessed to invite a vortex of heart-opening, consciousness-expanding, community-building, body-loving Ritual into the heart of the Agape Zoe-Berliner community!

Please note: cacao in ceremonial doses is not recommended if you are on anti-depressants or have a serious heart condition. You are still very welcome to come and have a homöopathic dose, and dance your heart out ♥


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