*Soul Mandala - Creative Mindfulness

Alisa LoveSky will lead us in a meditation. Afterwards, we will do a mandala creation (everyone will draw her own), and then we will have time to interpret our mandalas. For more information on the workshops Alisa runs, feel free to visit her website.


This session starts with a guided meditation. Let it out, explore and may your intuition be your guide.
Come as you are & Create with Love!  Previous artistic experience is not required.


Alisa LoveSky is a mandala therapist, yoga teacher & mindfulness coach. Alisa is passionately working with women and helping them to explore their creative mindfulness.

Alisa LoveSky is a certified yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance), social psychologist (MA), mindfulness coach, mandala therapist, emotional awareness healer and artist.
She  is working with individual clients and leading workshops for groups on mindfulness, emotional release & creative expression.
In her therapeutic work she combines yoga, emotional release practice, breathing exercises and creativity for liberating oneself from self-limiting beliefs and old patterns. She is the founder of the LoveSky Studio for Art & Yoga.
In 2017 Alisa and her husband Martin Schubert founded the Sacred Couple Space community for partners who choose to grow together spiritually.
​Alisa is Berlin based and facilitates Healing Arts & Yoga Retreats for women and couples in Europe and Asia.


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