Innerdance is an invitation to journey into our deepest selves in a safe space: a self-awakening practice that lets you go as far and deep as you allow. Through the use of music, live instruments, sounding, intuitive touch and inquiry Innerdance puts us in a dream-like state. This is fostered by the playing of sound waves that replicates REM sleep states leading to deep relaxation while still awake. In this state Innerdance allows us to remember memories that have been stored within our bodies and release these allowing for greater transformation. This work allows us to find the truth contained in the intelligence which beats our heart and guides all our bodily wisdom. Participating in this process allows us to deconstruct the limiting concepts and constructs stored in our mind, body and in the collective by going back to the source. This is the work of deep transformation by which we re-wire our brains to align with deeper transformation.

On the individual level, Innerdance allows us to surrender to the life force energy. Collectively Innerdance greatly contributes to all positive conscious energy flows across the planet which are in a state of constant change. We emerge out of this work and take our first steps into a new and more conscious life with the knowledge that We Are More than Enough.

My name is Ahilan, I was born in the civil war-torn nation of Sri Lanka and took refuge in Germany. I used to be an IT Consultant but am now focused on facilitating Innerdance primarily using sound waves and intuitive touch. 15 years of personal healing and learning with Innerdance, Yoga, Reiki, and Vipassana Meditation have helped me become the facilitator I am today.

Through Innerdance I have been able to recognize and let go of conditions which are no longer serving me such as the stress of my past corporate work, toxic relationships, friendships and life style choices. The most important thing practicing Innerdance has taught me is to trust myself while also giving me a process by which to do so. The last two years of doing this work have led me to make much healthier choices for my mind, body and soul. They have also led me be more at peace with the lack of control inherent in life and understand who I am by letting go of the stories that made up my past. Most importantly, Innerdance has helped me serve my higher purpose.

Please find more details about Innerdance here https://www.innerdanceprocess.org/