*Innerdance - a process to hold space for yourself

In the space co-created together, we explore through a collaborative circle the true meaning of listening to the wisdom inside us. As we lie down comfortably on our yoga mat to listen to different sounds, noises and playlist played in the space, we invite and allow ourselves to journey within. We dive into the various expressions that the energy of consciousness speaks through as we become the medium through which it can be seen. What exists in you that wants to be seen, listened to, heard, and understood? Come and discover through your own process of becoming.

Innerdance translates through different mediums the language of vibration and energy in the planes of the body, mind and heart and in all expressions of existence. Allowing full emergence in the encountering layers of the conscious and the subconscious.

Everyone is welcomed in the space, this is the time and space to invite yourself for your own journey within.

Ahilan Sundaralingam was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Germany when he was a teenager. He is holding both the East and the West perspectives of life, which allow him to have a deeper understanding of the dance in between. Ahilan was invited to journey into Innerdance four years ago in Thailand, after leaving the corporate work. The experience of innerdance taught him to dive into the unknown. He is always curious to study how the mind works, consciousness and the human psychology and to understand the impact of the integration of these studies on life. He discovered a deep trust in himself as well as in the process through space holding for group sessions and private sessions in Europe and Asia. He is also supporting the many energy schools that are happening online and are based in Maia, in the Philippines.

Fanny Lemieux  
In 2017, Fanny took a leap of faith and started transitioning into a life that is more aligned with her essence. She encountered different modalities on her path of finding trust and truth. She met innerdance while traveling and living in Asia and in which she developed a deep curiosity. She has been practicing astrology, yoga, human systems, philosophy of being, psychology, energy work, shadow integration and more. From her inquiries about consciousness and the world; she found answers that fascinated her in their complex simplicity. She went into deep journeys within herself and within the global mind. She has facilitated in Asia, Europe and Canada and she is supporting the distinct energy schools birthing from Maia, in the Philippines. Fanny is a truth-seeker, and she is finding her purpose through holding space for others to let their own arise.

Please bring comfortable clothes for sitting and laying down for the session and dialog. Feel free to bring your own mats, cushions and blankets if you feel like.