*▽ Temple of the Sacred Womb ▽

∞ Ceremony for cleansing, activating and honoring our Sacred Womb Temple ∞

Our womb is a highly magical temple in our bodies where we can hold the energy of the Divine Mother Creatrix, the source of all energy and creation. It is the home of SHAKTI. Our wombs are deeply receptive by nature and thus we often absorb negative and toxic energy into our wombs as well. Once our womb is cleared from any extraneous energy that is not beneficial for us, we can reclaim it for our own creations as a source of power, creativity and deep sensuality.
In this ceremony we will tune into the depths of our feminine nature with gentle and ecstatic movements (dance/ yogini womb yoga), cleansing and activating tantric breath, sound, partner exercises and guided meditation. We will invoke the presence of ancient womb priestesses and feminine masters of the Rose Lineage (Isis, Mother Mary, Mary magdalene) to support our intention to release what clouds our inner temple and to tap into our sensuality and erotic innocence.


▽  This ceremony is for all women of all ages, also those after a hysterectomy or those in menopause

▽ it´s for women who wish to reconnect with their deep feminine nature

▽ it´s for women who wish to ignite the sacred fire of the Kundalini Shakti as a force for spiritual growth and soul centered power & creativity

▽ it´s for women who are ready to embrace their sexuality and juiciness

▽ it´s for women who are ready to release old wounds and embody their highest potential

▽ it´s for women who wish to honor and celebrate their bodies as a sacred temple of their Divine Essence

Agaya is an polish born-berlin based embodiment illuminatrix, passionate yogini, womb shamanka, sound healer, ceremonialist, cacao guide, mystic & massage therapist (ayurveda & lomi lomi).
On her own journey she has been studying and practicing ancestral, shamanic and yogic wisdom for more than 15 years now.  Since a profound womb awakening in 2015 She follows her soul´s calling which is to support women in unveiling and following their deepest passion, power and purpose and in manifesting their highest truth and potential.
In her work she fuses a wide spectrum of embodiment practices (yoga, tantra, dance, intuitive movement), meditation, breathwork, inner alchemy practice, womb wisdom, plantmedicines, sacred rituals and feminine mysteries.

Agayas work creates a bridge between the seen and the unseen, the spiritual and the material, the mystical and the down-to-earth.

Yogamat, comfortable clothes, desire to move & breath.