*Temple of Isis - Hathor ∞ Ignite your soul purpose  & activate your Divine Feminine Leadership

♡ It is time for us not only to remember but to embody our highest truth and lead THE WAY, choosing love, beauty, sovereign power, peace, magnificence, bliss and miracles ♡

Dear Sister,
welcome to the Temple of Isis - Hathor, a ceremonial Sacred Space for empowerment, remembrance of your highest truth & purpose and the reclamation of your Sovereign Divine Power.

Together in an empowering circle of sisters and with the support and guidance of the ascended masters Isis & Hathor we remember and reclaim what it is to be Spirit incarnated in human form, walking the Beauty Way with courage, trust and confidence. Claiming our sacred sexuality as a pure and verdant life-force for our souls expansion as sovereign creatrixes. Embodying our highest potential and lying down all limiting patterns and viral programs at the altar of sacred flames to transform them into pure light and creative power.

This ceremonial journey includes:

• sacred, juicy embodiment practice and tantric breath work to energize and prepare our vessels for Divine Feminine healings, blessings and activations
• guided ceremonial meditation, prayer and visualization to purify and transform limitations and blocks into self confidence, trust and courage
• Divine Feminine blessings and chakra activations to free up energy pathways and reconnect you with your highest purpose
• mutual sister support through sharing & witnessing
• simple practices to strengthen and expand your energetic field

This ceremony is for all humans who identify as feminine / femme and feel/ hear the call to walk the path of self empowerment, beauty, truth, love and sovereignty .

Aloha, my name is Agaya and I am a passionate ceremonialist, alchemist, self-mastery coach, tantrika, mystic and devoted ambassador of sovereignty.
My mission is to embody and anchor the power, wisdom and abundance  of the feminine spirit in sacred union with the masculine and to support women in unveiling and embodying their highest truth and power. My services include Ceremonial Alchemy, Self-mastery & Spiritual Leadership certification programs for women. You can have a closer look on my homepage: (ger + en)

What to bring:
• comfy clothes
• yogamat
• your authentic self - whatever is present is welcome
• desire to move, breath, honor yourself and  receive blessings, healings and activations