*Ecstatic Eros Awakening

Pleasure is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and source of empowerment, health & vitality.
Our bodies are designed for pleasure and ecstatic being.
When we grow up natural expressions of pleasure are often shamed or rejected by our caretakers so we start to feel unsafe around expressing and receiving pleasure.
Good news: we can reprogram our brain and nervous systems through simple breath & energy practices, meditations and visualizations.
In this ceremonial workshop we explore our capacity for natural ecstatic orgasmic states through tantric breath work, sacred pleasure, movement, sound, touch and guided meditation.
It´s soooo easy! come and join in sisterhood ❤️

This ceremony is designed for beings who identify as womxn  of all ages who are curious about their orgasmic potential 🎉 The practices I share are not recomended for pregnant humans, humans with severe heart conditions, strokes, severe neurological seizures.

Aloha, my name is Agaya Tara Joy and I am a passionate ceremonialist, alchemist, self-mastery coach, tantrika, pleasure activist, heart mystic and devoted ambassador of sovereignty.
My mission is to embody and anchor the power, wisdom and abundance  of the feminine spirit in sacred union with the masculine and to support women in unveiling and embodying their highest truth and power. My services include Ceremonial Alchemy, Eros awakening sessions, Self-mastery Coaching & Spiritual Leadership certification programs for women.

Please bring:
• comfy clothes
• yogamat
• your authentic self - whatever is present is welcome
• desire to move, breath, honor yourself and  receive blessings, healings and activations