*Primal Feelings

During early childhood, we form patterns and conditioning through the influence of our parents, our teachers, even our priests, that can have a powerful effect on our entire trajectory in life – including how we make a living, whom we choose as partners, how we behave relationally and sexually and how we cope with challenges that we face every day. Our inner child has stored those memories, the positive and negative ones and their impact upon us internally within our psyche, which can hold us back in later life. In order to reach our full potential as adults, we need to explore both our unmet needs and suppressed childhood emotions (unworthiness, fear, shame, hurt and trauma) as well as our childlike innocence, creativity, and joy, which are still waiting within of us to be felt.

This introductory workshop to inner child work will begin to explain the incredibly powerful impact that childhood conditioning has on us, and how this work forms the foundation of all other healing modalities you may undertake in the future, creating a road map for healing to free up our wise adult self, the part of us that knows what to do, that leads us to make healthier choices and allows us to live our true potential.
It is this part of us, that guides us home…


Meet Puja:
a licensed counselor who has spent nearly 40 years on the cutting-edge of emotional integration, trauma healing, men&women work, and meditation. Her retreats and one-on-one sessions are designed for people who are committed to creating a significant, positive, and lasting change in their lives.
In her work, she is using a non-dogmatic unique blend of ancient eastern wisdom with the latest research in psychology and neuroscience to help you to hack into new ways of being. Having worked internationally with so many people from diverse backgrounds gives an additional edge and sophistication to her work.






Meet Adam:
Originally from Florida, USA, Adam Rice has been teaching Vinyasa flow yoga since 1999. A former Junior Olympic athlete, entrepreneur and adventurer, Adam discovered the power that yoga has to restore his balance and reconnect him with his inner strength. In addition to his teaching, Adam has dedicated his life to helping others. He is the founder of Yoga Kids Uganda, a program to integrate yoga into trauma therapy programs for the child soldiers of the Ugandan civil war, and Travel with a Purpose, which takes yoga students to places like India to volunteer in orphanages. He is a Legacy Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, a Senior Teacher at Spirit Yoga Berlin, and offers workshops and retreats around the world.

Please bring a notebook and pen.