AGAPE ZOE Berlin Festival


January 25th + 26th 2020

9:30 to 22:00 – EDEN***** Studios, BERLIN Pankow


AGAPE ZOE is the largest festival of its kind in and around Berlin.
Over the years, a lively and colorful tribe has grown out of several communities, which is now coming together regularly to celebrate love & (the simple) life – a peaceful, enriching connection between people.
AGAPE ZOE creates space ... to discover & desire spirituality in all its forms – an inspiring power place amidst the challenging daily big city bustle.


A large team of musicians, healing artists & workshop givers gives rise to the unique quality and authenticity of each gathering – full of heart, awareness & acceptance.
More than 40 workshops with YOGA, DANCE, MUSIC, INNER WORK & much more will await you once again at the dawn of this new year at the paradisiac EDEN Studio.
We look forward to coziness, community & colorful inspiration for 2020!


YOGA & BODYWORK Carlos Michael, Eva Große-Lochtmann & Steffen Günther - Nada Yoga with Crystal DelightJoanna Kupnicka - Stimme & YogaAnastasia Shevchenko - Advanced Dynamic Yoga FusionKai Hill - Asana PlaygroundMata Sakka - The healing Art of LaughterSarah Elsing - Write your story for 2020 | Yin Yoga & SchreibenKady Taylor - Kum Nye Yoga

DANCE & MUSIC Temple Haze - Ecstatic DanceIntiche - Ecstatic Dance, Anir Leben - BodyVoice, Ivan Sobolew - Piano Prayers Jens Wazel - Soul MotionDana Pietrusska, Klaus & Vidya Ulbricht, Nico Rönpagel - Fusion of Wild Woman & Man MovementRoana Salome & Marlia Tompazou - Storytelling & Music Journey

WORKSHOPS & MEDITATION Agaya - Temple of Isis - Hathor ∞ Ignite your soul purpose & activate your Divine Feminine Leadership, Klaus C. & Vidya Ulbricht - LichtatmungMarlia Tompazou - Rising Voice: Vocal Breathing JourneyFelix Falkenhahn - Liebevoll lebendig in BeziehungenBernd Monecke - TCM: Wasserelement - Mutig in die ureigene Kraft vertrauenBenjamin Joon - Die Kunst des LoslassensDr. Ingfried Hobert - 5000 Jahre in einer kleinen KapselEliMar Kossenjans - Eye Contact & Achtsame KommunikationGerald Blomeyer - Lieben heißt Vertrauen - Love means TrustingSabina Ahmetspahic - Survival of the Kindest - Reparent your Inner Child, Joe Jung - Glaubenssätze - Vortrag & ErlebnisElena Pavlidou Reisig & Matthew Garuda - Osho Active MeditationLars Basczok - SatsangPuja Lepp & Adam Rice - Primal Feelings, Sukkhadas & Daniel Ruppert - Wim Hof MethodeSteffen Günther - Feeling the planets moveYvonne K. Bahn - Towards InfinityFelix Falkenhahn - Men at PeaceShanti Reema - Human Design SystemZoe Mercury - Passages of Time - An astrological exploration of the coming yearNico Rönpagel & Sonja Reifenhäuser - Relationship Seeds, Philipp Schardt & Shani Lehrer -Spirit Matters! - Get a deeper understanding of Tesla´s „Energy, Frequency and Vibration" and learn the science of Sound Healing! (with Sound Healing Meditation), Simone Leona Hueber - Mindfulness - The magic Powers of Self-AwakeningJuana Lucia Ramirez - La Luna (Female Arts Empowerment), Evangelia Pitsou - Griechisches Archaisches Herzritual, Azmuto - Die Quelle des Glücks - Lesung - Meditation - Affirmation, Rita Münsterkötter - Farben fühlen® Erlebnisseminar

Welcome to the Garden of Eden!


Ticketrates are as following:
EARLY BIRD Day/Festival Tickets available until 12.1.2020: 59,-/89,- EUR (plus fee)
At the check-in counter at the festival location you can purchase day tickets for 79,50 EUR as well as festival tickets for 109,50 EUR.

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Our gathering takes place at a magical spot – in a charming villa amidst a wonderful, lucious garden in the heart of Berlin. Together, we create a vibrant oasis in which you can refuel, get inspired and just let go.

For many years, the EDEN has been an true institution when it comes to dance and movement. With 5 studios, 2 villas and rooms ranging from 9-300 sq m, the location presents ateliers and production spaces for all branches of the arts which serve as a plattform for new, genre-crossing artistic development and exchange. Movement and a continuous renewal process – initiated by people of different generations, bringing a wide range of topics to the table – interweave and flow through the whole space. They are the reliable, deeply-rooted foundation, providing support in an ever-changing, increasingly busy and confusing world. The AGAPE ZOE weekend festivals spread throughout both the large (300 sq m) studio with floor-to-ceiling windows in the new building and the whole villa. The beautiful old building contains The Good Life Bazaar, the Yoga Room and – nestled quietly on the second floor – rooms for the therapists and healers to offer bodywork and massage sessions. If the weather is kind, the garden area becomes part of the festival.

EDEN***** Studios
Breite Str. 43
13187 Berlin


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