May 26. + 27. 2018

9:30 to 22:00 – EDEN***** Studios, BERLIN Pankow

On May 26. + 27. 2018 the EDEN***** Tanzstudios & Garden transform into a colorful kaleidoscope of good life - with yoga, healing arts, mindfulness, bodywork, music, philosophy, dance and live acts on 5 floors from over 40 outstanding teachers, healers & artists from around the world.


AGAPE ZOE invites you to have both an encounter with yourself as well as meet other kindred spirits in a loving, mindful and playful way. Discover your creativity and intuition. Be completely yourself and spark the potential within you. You are the heart and core of this festival, with all your manifold relations with yourself and your surrounding, with your awareness and needs.


YOGA  Julia Buck - Strala Yoga; Ricardia Bramley - Hatha Yoga Flow; Kady Taylor - Kum Nye Yoga; Dana Sertel - Jivamukti YogaJoanna Kupnicka - Stimme & YogaCarlos Michael, Pierrick Marion, Eva Große Lochtmann & Steffen Günther - Nada Yoga with Crystal Delight

DANCE & MUSIC Anir Leben & Silvana Del Rosso - AbunDance; Alma Omega - Diving deep into the heart of Dance; Laura Weider - Piano Dream Soundscape; Saskia Baumgart - Klang-Heil-Ritual; Vidya Raster, Sophie Kinkel, Lisa Koch & Dana Pietrusska - Wild Woman Dance; Klaus C. Ulbricht, Michael Turner, Adam Rice & Nico Rönpagel - Wild Man Movement; Maria Kaplan - The Touch of Healing Voice; Simon Debonnaire - Sacred Spirit of Sound: A mystical Journey; San Miguel - Music Heals; Mayiia & Gabor Hartyani - Following Neptun; Mitsch Kohn - Klang-Heil-Raum; Avi Adir - Deep Flow ConcertPablo Escorcia - Healing by Feeling;

MEDITATION & WORKSHOPS  Gyana - Meditation - The key to your self; Michael Kreuzwieser - Radical Honesty; Avi Adir - Authentic Singing Circle; Ada Labahn & Olivier Coloni - Inner Outing; Gerald Blomeyer - Just do nothing; Sonja Reifenhäuser - Present women; Felix Falkenhahn - Present men; Sissi Holleitner - Hingabe ohne Selbstaufgabe; Laura Kroth - Give birth to yourself. Im Spiegel des Anderen.; Klaus C. Ulbricht & Vidya Raster - Lichtatmung; Express your soul potential - Mitsch Kohn & Gosia Anna Sereda; Alica Büchel & Timm Hoffmann - Sinnreise zur Liebe; Katerina Foltava - Tantric Bliss Formular; Lacey Haynes - Pussy Gazing; Mata Sakka - The Art of Walking; Nils Glahn - Qi Gong; Carsten Kunst - Le Bonbond; Christine Mayer - Creative Space; Anja Mury - Inner Goddess; Stephan Meier - Lesen im Bewusstseinsfeld; Elina Ratna - Breathwork Cirle! Self love!; Juli Sundara - Satsang

Welcome to the Garden of Eden!


At the box office (check-in counter at the festival location) you can purchase day tickets for 79,- EUR as well as festival tickets for 109,- EUR.


Our gathering takes place at a magical spot – in a charming villa amidst a wonderful, lucious garden in the heart of Berlin. Together, we create a vibrant oasis in which you can refuel, get inspired and just let go.

For many years, the EDEN has been an true institution when it comes to dance and movement. With 5 studios, 2 villas and rooms ranging from 9-300 sq m, the location presents ateliers and production spaces for all branches of the arts which serve as a plattform for new, genre-crossing artistic development and exchange. Movement and a continuous renewal process – initiated by people of different generations, bringing a wide range of topics to the table – interweave and flow through the whole space. They are the reliable, deeply-rooted foundation, providing support in an ever-changing, increasingly busy and confusing world. The AGAPE ZOE weekend festivals spread throughout both the large (300 sq m) studio with floor-to-ceiling windows in the new building and the whole villa. The beautiful old building contains The Good Life Bazaar, the Yoga Room and – nestled quietly on the second floor – rooms for the therapists and healers to offer bodywork and massage sessions. If the weather is kind, the garden area becomes part of the festival.

EDEN***** Studios
Breite Str. 43
13187 Berlin