*Somatic Film Journey

How would it be to experience a film fully embodied?
Especially films that focus on the opening of the body and the heart. Would your body and heart follow?
Here you will be led onto a journey, starting with the awareness of your body in the space and its impulses to move. From a heightened state of awareness the films will then bring you into other states and worlds where you now might have higher access. The somatic preparation of the body opens up for new ways of experiencing cinema.
Johan Planefeldt will show a selection of his films exploring different aspects of body, mindfulness and trance together with a somatic warm-up.
Yuki - A dance somewhere between Tai Chi and Kung Fu. Winner of "Best international dance film" in In:Shadow, Portugal
El Eterno Presente - Tantra teacher Astiko guides us into meditation.
Lajka - The dervishing dance of lovers.. revealing the deeper, wilder territory within us. Underwater dance. 
The Wind - A dance group is working on a new dance piece where they explore emotions and altered states with powerful techniques. Winner of "Best Shortfilm" at the Boddinale International Film Festival 2017. (This film contains stroboscopic imagery)
In Touch - A spiralling journey through land and water. Winner of “The Pearls Artist Price”, for dance film, Pool 2016, Berlin
Johan Planefeldt is a Swedish film maker and somatic researcher with a background in fine arts. His films are recognized for having a strong visual language that explores physicality, embodiment and the alteration of states. His somatic research has focused on practices like authentic movement, breathwork, butoh and tantra. He has directed several award winning short films and dance films screened in international film festivals around the world.